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Why are your chicken aprons so much cheaper?

Through a lot of trial and error and years of testing, we have come up with a patent-pending design that we can produce quickly while still being very effective in protecting the chickens.


We have also experimented with various materials and settled on a light durable material that we think would not only be more comfortable on the chicken but also strong enough to withstand the rigors of a chicken coop while still being very reasonably priced.


It was also chosen to be easily cleaned - just hose it clean. No more hand/machine washing and ironing!

Do these aprons look like traditional aprons?

NO. This is a unique design with unconventional durable material which we have come up with. Again, it was designed to be very affordable and effective. These are designed for utility NOT to look like chicken clothing! If you want to dress your chicken up, this apron is NOT it!

I read that your material is not breathable. Is that important?

Even though Chicken Armor® chicken saddles are made from impervious material, our aprons are designed to sit lightly on a chicken, resting just on top of the chicken's feathers, allowing air-flow.Our design is such that it only covers the important parts of the hen's back. It will also contour on the shoulder area allowing for air movement under the apon.The use of light-weight material also allows for easier chicken movement and will not weigh or unbalance the chicken as much as a traditional saddle made out of thick, heavy material would.

I read that use of water-proof material makes the aprons too slick for the rooster to slide off. Is this true?

False. We have carefully chosen material that is NOT slick. We have tested our design on our flock for over 3 years. The roosters do not have any problems during mating and will NOT fall off.

What sizes do they come in?

We have 3 sizes: standard, medium and bantam. We will ship standard size aprons unless you specify otherwise.


Medium sizes are only recommended for small-sized Standard chickens like small White Leghorns and phesants. Bantams sizes will fit small breeds like Silkies.


How long will my order take to ship?

We try to ship orders out within 1-2 business days. We are very grateful for the wonderful response we've received from customers.


Chicken Armor® has been more popular than we expected. We understand that businesses like Amazon can get orders to you in 2 days. However, please understand that we are a micro-business.


These are made by hand and all orders are processed by hand by just the two of us. Orders may take 1-2 weeks to ship, depending on how backlogged we are.

Will it cause mites?

In areas where mites live on chickens,it is important to check under the saddles as mites/lice might take advantage of the additional cover.


This is an important step regardless of what kind of saddle you decide to use.

Which way should I put the saddle on?

Depending on your preference, you can put the saddle rough-side or smooth-side on. The rough-side will provide slightly more friction for roosters.


You can however, still use the saddle smooth-side up even if you have roosters in your flock. Using the smooth side up will make the saddles a little easier to hose clean. 

How do you ship?

We ship all orders via USPS. If you need orders shipped UPS, please let us know. Additional charges will apply. For more information, please refer to our Shipping Policy Page.

What if it doesn't quite fit?

If you have a huge chicken, our aprons are designed such that you can extend the wing holes A LITTLE by just cutting it with a pair of scissors CAREFULLY. 


Based on our on flock sizing, our standard-sized aprons should fit up to a Rhode Island Red rooster or a Jersey Giant hen without additional modification.

I lost my chickens to predators. Will the eye decals stop this?

~ UPDATE: Eye-decals are not available at this time ~
We cannot 100% guarantee that having predator eyes on the chickens will stop predators 100%. Chickens often 'freeze' when a predator attacks, allowing for a quick kill, usually by the neck. The presence of the eye decals makes the chicken wearing it appear as if it is part of a much larger animal. The eyes are meant to make predators think twice before attacking.
However, all animals are different and will act differently. We cannot predict how your particular predator will react to the eye decals.

Are there other colors other than white?

At this time, we only offer it in white. We are looking to add more colors and prints in the future!

Where are the aprons made?

All aprons are handmade in Oregon, USA.

Help! The saddle doesn't sit flat on my chicken..Did I put it on correctly?

Yes. Depending on how the chicken stands, the saddle may "roll" or "bump" up around the chicken's neck or shoulder area. This is normal.

What if I receive the apron and I'm not happy?

We urge you to please try the aprons on your chickens. If you're not convinced, please just try one.


Instructions on how to put the saddle on can be found above. We want you to be happy with our product and strive to keep improving it.


If, after trying it, you're still not happy, send the unused aprons back to us at any time for a full refund. Please be sure to include your order information with the return. Shipping & return shipping costs are non-refundable. For more information, please refer to the Return Policy page.

What is the difference between a chicken saddle or poultry apron?

In essence, they are the same thing. "chicken saddle" is a term more commonly used in the UK while "chicken apron" is more commonly used in the US.

A poultry saddle is usually made from a tough material such as canvas or leather to protect the back of a hen during mating. The saddle is held on by straps that go under the chicken's wings.
Unlike other saddles, Chicken Armor®'s patent-pending design uses a reinforced scrim vinyl instead of traditional materials.

What Cryptos do you accept?

We currently accept Litecoin (preferred), Ethereum, Bitcoin and Digibyte via We also accept the following ERC-20 Tokens: DEB, DENT, OMG, PPP VERI.Token price will be fixed at the time of the fiat exchange rate as listed on Coinmarketcap. Tokens should be sent to: 0x5028C2334532931E923409A418fFD10cBA9440c5. Please ensure that you are sending tokens to the correct address. We CANNOT reverse payments sent to the wrong address.

Will you accept Cryptos that've not be listed?

The Crypto-space is a rapidly-changing space. We will continue to watch the space and add to the list of cryptos we accept. If you have a crypto you wish to use that's not listed, please contact us for consideration.

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